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The term DNA is often articulated by companies when discussing core values. Anne Larilahti, Finnair’s Vice President recently commented ‘DNA is the code that defines what you are. And if you take that into the corporate environment then that is the articles of association.’ Finnair, included the following provision into article (2) of their articles of association.

‘The company may also engage in, or support, activities that are aimed at ensuring the acceptability, and thereby the long-term profitability, of its business by increasing the positive effects and reducing the negative effects of its business on the environment and society.’

In the UK, Anglian Water in 2019 became the first water company to embed public interest polices, by amending its articles. Chief Executive Peter Simpson said, ‘in conjunction with our shareholders, we have approved a fundamental change to our company Articles of Association, legally enshrining public interest within the constitutional make up of our business’.

The corporate world is recognising the need to use the articles of association to embed policy: the articles are the only legally binding company document that defines the company’s decision-making process and purpose. Conversely, policy documents are not legally binding on the company, its members, or its stakeholders.

Solicitors, accountants and fellow professionals

We regularly work with fellow professionals and welcome enquiries. Email: with a short overview of your requirements. Recent projects include: family investment companies. joint ventures, property companies and establishing new charities (GD1).

We provide full precedents or bespoke provisions for:

  • Companies limited by shares
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Charities (GD1)
  • Right to Manage
  • Employee Ownership
  • Community interest Companies 


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Company Articles of Association & Company Law

We can advise on: The legal principles of amendment of the articles, Case law & Pre-emption rights, Enforcement of the articles and Bespoke drafting of precedents.

  • Review of your existing articles of association
  • Drafting of new company articles of association
  • Advice on updating from Table A to the new model articles
  • Legal position of the articles of association
  • Advice on amending the articles of association and minority shareholders rights.
  • Shares transfers (restrictions)
  • Obligations to refuse a transfer
  • Family trusts & permitted transfers
  • Voluntary transfers
  • Cross option agreements
  • Bad leavers

Articles of Association for Charitable Companies

Special rates or Pro bono for Charity. Amending existing articles or submitting to the Charity commission and Companies house

If you're a registered charity, community interest group or small sports club, we may be able to help and advise you Pro bono or with a substantial reduced rate. Prepare a summary of the type of articles of associations you would like to review, the company or charity structure and details of any specific issues you would like to address. Email:




Richard C. Bishop MA Dip.FA

Leading author on the artilces of association for companies and charities

Richard specializes in advising on the articles of association for companies, charities and not for profit organizations.

Richard C. Bishop is the author of Articles of Association: Guidance and Precedents and Articles of Association for Charities and Not for Profit Organisations: Guidance and Precedents.

Richard C. Bishop

Richard is lecturer in finance at Leeds Beckett University teaching in the Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Management. Prior to working at Leeds Beckett, Richard taught marketing and business strategy at Wolverhampton University, specializing in delivering CIM modules and lead the financial service degree program at Coventry University College.

Business Interests

Richard is director at PFEP, a leading financial advice firm and is well known in the adviser space, he has written columns for the FT Adviser, Professional Adviser and Money Marketing.

Research and Writing

Richard is the leading academic and researcher on company constitutions and the articles of association. He has authored two books, both by Bloomsbury Law on company, not for profit and charity articles of association and drafted precedents for: private limited companies, community interest companies, charities and employee trusts.

Teaching Focus

Richard teaches a broad spectrum of subjects but specialises in finance, company law, marketing, banking, tax, trustees and financial services.

Research Interests

Richard’s research interests focus on company law, company constitutions, drafting precedents and rights of minority shareholders. Richard has written 3 books, including the first textbook discussing not for profit and charity articles of association.




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